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VW Golf R

This brand new Golf R was brought straight to us from the dealership.


Why do we detail brand new cars and why should you use us rather than your supplying dealer?


Not only do you benefit from the great looks, protection and easy maintenance the sealants offer from day 1 of your ownership, but applying a protective coating when the car is new is a lot cheaper than doing it later in the cars life when the paint will likely need extensive machine polishing before the sealants can be applied.


Everyone expects their new car to look perfect. Sadly dealership time constraints and budgets can lead to unsightly paint damage being inflicted during rushed preparation, and then cheap ‘cover up’ products being used to hide that damage, only for the true condition of the paint to be revealed after the first wash as their ‘cover up’ products are washed away. 


The before and after photo shows the usual preparation standard from the dealership. Disappointing to say the least! The ‘After’ photo shows the paint after our single stage machine polish.


We have no such time constraints or budgets and we typically spend a minimum of 2 days on each new car ensuring the paint is in perfect condition before applying a combination of Gtechniq’s market leading sealants.


When applied by a Gtechniq Accredited Detailer, Gtechniq will give you up to a 9 year warranty on your coating. And guess what… we are the only Gtechniq Accredited company in Cambridge.

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