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Audi RS3

Not all detailers are equal. The owner of this RS3 had already paid out for machine polishing and ceramic coating with another company. Sadly the result were less than perfect, with buffer trails and swirls still visible over the whole car.

Machine polishing a solid non metallic colour is not easy and although the difference may seem subtle in the before and after photo, the added gloss from proper refining is what sets an 'ok' job apart from an amazing job.

With the paint finally perfect, Jules Sturgess Automotive applied Xpel PPF to the font end to protect from stone chips.

The paint was then protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra and Exo and Gtechniq Halo on the PPF.

The rather special BBS E88 wheels were brand new and had never been fitted to the car. These were coated with Gtechniq C5 before fitment. A few fitment issues getting them over the massive front brakes but we did our best to source the correct parts and ensure a safe fit. Special thanks to Still Static for supplying the spacers and wheel bolts at short notice!

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