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6-8 hours working time

Our maintenance service is designed for existing customers who have already had a Protection, Enhancement or Correction detail but that don't have the time or inclination to have to worry about the ongoing aesthetic maintenance of their vehicle.

Top Up Detail - 6-8 hrs


Only available as a drop off service at our workshop, this top up detail can be done as little or as often as you require, although we suggest every 6-12 months for daily driven cars and 12-18 months for garaged cars used occasionally or at weekends.

Whats included in the Top Up Detail :

  1. WASH - Wheels, arches and paintwork are safely washed with acid free and pH neutral chemicals. The engine bay, door and boot shuts and other crevices and grills are all given special attention.

  2. DECONTAMINATE - All exterior surfaces are decontaminated chemically using various tar and iron dissolving chemicals.

  3. PAINT INSPECTION / CLEANSE - The paint is inspected using various lights and any small, localised defects are corrected by machine polishing (up to 30 mins of paint correction included). If required, additional paint correction above the included 30 mins will be charged at £40 per hour once approval has been sought from the customer.

  4. PROTECT - Gtechniq Exo V5 is applied to all painted surfaces giving 18 months water and dirt repellency. Gtechniq C2 is applied to the wheels and G5 to the exterior of the side and rear glass.

  5. FINESSE - To finish off the job the arches, tyres and other external plastics are dressed / protected, the interior vacuumed and dusted with plastics and leather cleaned with Gtechniq I2 and protected with L1. The internal glass cleaned.


inc VAT

Audi S3, Porsche 911, BMW M2, etc


inc VAT

Audi S4, Mercedes C63, BMW M4, 
Ferrari 458, McLaren 570, etc


inc VAT

Audi RS6, Porsche Panamera, BMW X5,
Ferrari FF, Lamborghini Aventador, etc

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